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Nick’s team is responsible for platform implementation.

The biggest challenges are integration with existing tools and budget.

They plan to make a decision by the end of the month.

Next step is to set up trial account for their team and do an in-depth demo.

Action Items

Prepare pricing proposal
Send SOC II compliance report
Set up trial for Nick’s team
Has a vendor decision been made?
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Yes, the team decided to go with
Acme Corp due to expertise,
pricing, and estimated timelines.
What are the next steps?
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Next steps are:
1. Get vendor approval from finance
2. Finalize and sign contract
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Has a vendor decision been made?
What are the next steps?
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Hi everyone, let’s get started.
Sounds good. So the purpose of this meeting is to align on requirements for the mobile development work. Has everyone read the materials?
Yes, thank for sending it over ahead of time. I added my comments directly to the doc.
Great. I see that there were a few threads already. Let’s quickly go over each and log down the decisions. And if we need to discuss an open topics, we can do that as well.
Sounds good. Let’s start with the first thread. Christine, do you want to start?
Sure. I spoke to Emily with Acme last week. She said that they’re still waiting documentation on our APIs.
Step 3


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Use cases

Sales calls

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Smart meetings for the most productive teams

Transform work and collaboration with our AI-powered meetings platform. We use best-in-class transcription to analyze your meetings in real-time and extract key insights. Go from meeting to share-out in minutes and never miss out on important discussions again.

Auto-generated summaries, decisions, and action items right after the meeting

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