PipeDreams Saw Qualified Conversion Rates Surge 23% with Lace

Conversation with Dan Laufer, PipeDreams CEO

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PipeDreams is an aggregator of HVAC and plumbing service providers. They delegate business according to booking requests across an expansive list of regional markets and work to enable each business in their network with the tools and resources needed to grow.

The company has an ambitious mission- to be the most reputable home services provider in every market in the US and was in need of a call center automation solution to help streamline its growth.

The Challenge

PipeDreams CEO and founder, Dan Laufer advised Lace that PipeDreams had moved toward a central call-handling solution to standardize and improve the customer experience across all markets. While this centralization proved to be advantageous overall, the shift brought unique challenges too.

Reporting close to 90% of their revenue from phone calls, converting inbound inquiries to bookings is critical to the organization’s success, and therefore addressing these challenges was designated a critical initiative.

With 25 Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) fielding up to 18,000 calls each month, the company was struggling to effectively score productivity at scale.

With factors like spam calls and unqualified customer service requests muddying the waters, it was difficult to discern whether poor performance was due to the quality of the calls or CSR effectiveness.

Further, it simply was not feasible to gather this data by combing through each call manually.

Solutions & Results

The opportunity was clear: PipeDreams needed a way to coach their CSRs efficiently and effectively and the only way to do so was with access to complete, consistent, actionable, and accurate insights.

We’re pleased to report that after implementing Lace, PipeDreams saw an enormous surge in CSR performance, qualified close rates, and a measurable decrease in operating costs.

Let’s talk numbers.

  • 23% Increase in Qualified Booking Rates

After just a month with Lace, PipeDreams’ qualified booking rate has risen over 20%–from approximately 65% to a staggering 85%+.

Data-driven automation has empowered CSRs, managers, and the team as a whole to steer improvement efforts much more effectively. Now, there's an unprecedented completeness and transparency to analytics at PipeDreams, which inherently fosters rapid CSR performance growth.

  • Enabling CSR Performance - Up to 50%

Each CSR has access to performance metrics, including the number of qualified calls received and bookings made from those calls. In addition to their own metrics, each member of the team now has real-time visibility into their peers’ performance as well.

This has not only given the team a much more accurate understanding of their performance, it has ignited friendly competition among the team as well. Through this competition, and by learning from each other’s successful and unsuccessful calls, the team has begun overcoming objections they once thought insurmountable.

In one case, a single CSR increased their booking rate by nearly 50%.

  • 5.5x QA Cost Savings + Key Revenue Insights

Lace didn't just enhance CSR performance; it provided PipeDreams with previously inaccessible visibility into objections raised by customers. After all, even the most effective call center reps cannot overcome objections like absent services or a lack of coverage in the caller’s region.

Lace’s real-time objection breakdown has led to strategic decisions like staffing adjustments to bridge demand gaps. Where PipeDreams had previously needed a team of 6-7 QAs to review calls manually, the need can now be fulfilled by just one or two.

The centralization of the call center and the insights gained from Lace have allowed PipeDreams to instantly identify and examine every single objection that resulted in a lost deal and determine whether they are the result of a business lack, CSR performance, or another factor entirely.

Accessing this data in real-time rather than manually combing through incomplete call samples means it’s now much faster and easier to pivot and make business decisions that better serve PipeDreams’ customers.

Working with Lace

“Everyone at Lace is very responsive, very nimble. I feel like they are working hard to wow us and that Lace has our best interests in mind. It has felt almost like an extension of our own team, and I think everyone feels that across the board.”

- Dan Laufer, PipeDreams CEO

Recommendations for Others Considering Lace

Dan’s advice for other businesses looking at Lace is to fully embrace the unparalleled visibility.

Implementing Lace grants your business the deep, complete, insights necessary to grow and streamline the call-handling process, but there are certain data points that are ultimately up to leadership to leverage effectively.

He emphasizes the fact that Lace has shined a light on aspects of operations that were previously not visible to him. In Dan's words, Lace opens the door to "hard-to-reach crevices" in your business, ultimately leading to better performance and a competitive edge.


Lace’s strategic partnership with PipeDreams is a testament to the transformative power of call center automation and data-driven decision-making.

A story which began with challenges rooted in centralized call handling and measuring performance at scale ended with empowered CSRs, strategic staffing insights, and staggering performance improvements. By working together, we’ve elevated the customer service standards at PipeDreams and simultaneously opened opportunities for increases in terms of both short-term revenue expansion and long term valuation.

The journey continues for PipeDreams, and Lace is proud to be a trusted partner in their growth.

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