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Unlock revenue from instant insights into critical trends from sales calls

Focus on highest-impact areas with hyper-precise, powerful AI features that provide full visibility into all sales calls.

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higher booking rates


more revenue from your
existing pipeline

Advanced AI insights on top of your existing tools

Enhance your tech stack with easy plug-and-play technology that provides unparalleled revenue intelligence and insights into your sales calls at scale.

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Call recorders
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AI revenue intelligence to minimize missed opportunities

Leverage critical insights and trends to make strategic business decisions, train your sales
team to overcome obstacles, and win more revenue.

Visualize top objections and feature gaps

Our advanced system not only automatically qualifies leads, but captures objections during your calls and integrates with your CRM to attribute lost revenue to each conversation too.

We also identify feature gaps tied to revenue misses, empowering you to prioritize enhancements and optimize your product for greater revenue potential.

Level up the whole team with
on-demand coaching from your top performers

Lace automatically curates coaching playlists using samples from calls where similar objections were overcome.

Now your team can learn by example from the best of the best, leveling up your entire team.


What our
customers are saying

Lace has changed the way I work everyday. I use the action items as the start of an engagement plan so that each meeting is productive and not a repeat of the prior call. I send follow up emails with action items after each call which saves me 20 minutes per call, or about an hour or two per workday!

steve kazan avatar
Steve Kazan
CEO, Inner Onion

Lace has been a wonderful tool for myself and the rest of our team. Before lace, we were using a few other meeting recording tools, but have found Lace's interface to be more user-friendly, and a more versatile tool.

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