Lace AI Notetaker for Zoom

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Lace AI notetaker is a bot that can join your Zoom meetings as an additional participant. It captures a recording of the meeting and imports it into the Lace platform allowing you to get AI insights for the meeting. When the Zoom meeting ends or the notetaker is removed from the meeting Lace will create an entry in the Past Meetings list where the results from analyzing the call such as summary and a follow up email will be published.

Joining the Lace AI Notetaker

There are two ways to join the Lace AI Notetaker to Zoom meetings:

  1. Automatically, by connecting your Google Calendar
  2. Manually, by pasting Zoom meeting URLs directly in Lace UI

NOTE: The host will need to explicitly allow the notetaker into the meeting if joining the meeting goes through a waiting room.

When the Lace notetaker joins a Zoom meeting the host will get a popup that the meeting is being recorded. They will either agree to this (and the notetaker will start recording) or decline (the notetaker will be removed from the meeting).

Automatic Notetaker Joining

For bots to join automatically we require that Lace is connected with your Google Calendar. For more information, visit the Calendar integration article.

Once your calendar has been connected, Lace will display all your upcoming calendar meetings with valid Zoom links in the "Upcoming Meetings" view along with the option to auto-join the notetaker for any one of them. Lace will schedule the notetaker to join automatically for any meeting you selected the auto-join toggle for. The notetaker will join right before the meeting starts.

Joining a notetaker this way is recommended as it allows Lace to associate the Zoom recording to a particular calendar event. This provides us with additional metadata about the meeting which results in higher-quality AI insights.

Manual Notetaker Joining

Another option is to directly paste a Zoom meeting URL in Lace UI header. This will immediately join a notetaker to the meeting. Joining a notetaker this way will result in lower-quality post-meeting artifacts.

Removing the Lace AI Notetaker

The Lace AI notetaker may be manually kicked at any point during the meeting just as any other participant. Lace will only be able to process the part of the meeting the notetaker took part in.