Zoom Integration Overview

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The Zoom integration enables Lace to automatically pull calls recorded in Zoom for analysis and use them to generate the artifacts which support the post-call actions. Lace users can setup this integration for their individual Lace account.

This integration is supported for the Zoom Pro, Business and Enterprise plans. The Basic plan is not supported.

Lace offers two ways to access Zoom call recordings:

  • Native Zoom recording - calls are recorded with the Zoom app directly and Lace pulls the resulting cloud recordings automatically
  • Recording with the Lace AI personal notetaker - Lace adds a notetaker participant to the Zoom call which records it and imports it into the Lace platform. Lace falls back to this recording mode if native Zoom recording is not allowed.

We recommend the native Zoom recording because it provides the following advantages:

  • The highest recording quality with the most accurate speaker identification.
  • Use Zoom's built-in recording and user privacy controls.
  • Ability to pause and resume the recording to prevent sensitive information from being captured.
  • No additional meeting participants (i.e. the Lace AI notetaker).

Go to our Native Zoom recording article to learn more about setting it up.