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Key decisions, context, and action items
- all in one place

Lace brings together your meetings, notes, and action items in one place, easily accessible and searchable. No more digging through recordings, disjointed documents, or emails to track down information. Quick access to everything you need, when you need it.

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Onboard your team like never before

Engage new team members with 5x faster video based onboarding and in-context video Q&A content. Keep the best responses and make future onboarding even better.

Eliminate time zone friction and late night meetings

Send and receive video messages to talk with your globally distributed team as if they were available 24/7. No delays, no calendar alignment, no meeting distraction. Hello, 10x efficiency!

Extract the essence from hours long discussions in under 5 minutes

Watch the highlights and skip all details. No need to join every meeting just to keep-up with the latest updates. Jump straight to the critical points, ask questions with embedded video, and go back to your primary work.

Stay aligned and drive to outcomes

Auto-generated meeting summaries
Key takeaways and action items are captured using advanced AI technology
Companion canvas for each meeting
Collaborate on notes and action items on a flexible canvas, accessible at any time
Searchable meeting library
Find what you’re looking for in seconds with our power search

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